I am a registered integrative psychotherapist currently working in private practice and in the NHS. I see adults with a wide range of issues, for time-limited sessions and for long-term psychotherapy. My life experiences and rigorous professional training form the foundations of my integrative approach in delivering care in mental health. 

I obtained qualifications in Counselling, a Diploma in the Therapeutic Application of the Arts, and a Masters in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy from the Institute for the Arts in Therapy and Education. I became fascinated by the workings of the mind, creativity and the relationship between the two early on in life. This led me to working with people combining talking therapy with creativity as I experienced and witnessed the positive outcomes found in using both modalities to facilitate change. 

I aim to provide a safe, creative space and a genuine presence to build a good therapeutic alliance. I perceive successful therapy to be one that offers support but also challenges enough to empower the individual.

Areas of special interest

My interests include neuroscience, attachment trauma, mentalization and the psychology of wellbeing and resilience.