Integrative Psychotherapy


Integrative psychotherapy is mainly talking therapy that involves responding to the individual from a holistic perspective. An integrative approach considers the person from an affective, behavioural, cognitive, physiological and spiritual layers of functioning. A good rapport between the client and the therapist is the bedrock for building a trust and successful outcomes. Working through patterns that emerge in the therapeutic space may bring ups and downs but may also provide a deeply healing experience. This usually involves longer term work to enable the client to explore and understand their more deeply rooted difficulties.

Although I work with the person in the moment, we explore how early experiences may become repeated in the present. Often clients begin to feel a great sense of relief when becoming more aware of the reasons why they keep repeating the same unhelpful behaviours or keep finding themselves in the same positions in relationships. The process of becoming more aware of one’s inner workings and one’s impact on others may enable significant change in one’s sense of self and perspectives on life. 

Anyone can benefit from this therapeutic approach, however if in crisis, stabilisation and affect regulation become the priority before any depth work can be appropriate.