Art Therapy

art therapy page _cropArt therapy is a powerful modality that reaches parts of the unconscious that other therapies don’t access with words. It can take diverse forms depending on the client’s expressive preference (drawing, writing, painting, collage work, clay sculpting or sand-play). 

art therapy page 2016-04-07 10.54.12_cropArt therapy is not about being a skilled or a trained artist but about being curious and wanting to connect with one’s inner world to develop better relationships.

art therapy page2014-10-09 12.00.17_cropIt is recommended for clients who feel stuck in some way or overwhelmed, and feel limited in their ability to see solutions for their challenges. Growing the creative alongside the reflective mind can be seen as one of the objective in art therapy.[/su_row]


Engagement with art materials can be used to externalise and communicate emotions or situations that are difficult to put into words. Art therapy facilitates new awareness and brain connections. Making artwork within the therapeutic relationship leads to reflection and allows for new perspectives to form.

Art therapy has shown to be effective in increasing self esteem, working through relational conflicts, alleviating anxieties, processing trauma, aiding depression, managing life transitions, and stress.